Your delicious helper for every day

Everything we know about the kitchen in
one application on your iPhone

Take a look at our Hipsta Food App

Set the time that you have for cooking and we will pick an ideal recipe for you!
Simple interface
We have come up with some important details for the interface. You will definitely appreciate its ease of use.
Learn how to cook on the go
We explain each recipe in a video like this, that will help you figure out all the details of the cooking process.
Essential Tips
Dozens of useful tips for each recipe. We will not leave you alone in the kitchen!

Buy the ingredients for your recipe

If you are missing ingredients

If you are missing any ingredients for the recipe, you can order them right from the app. You can also order all of what you need for cooking that specific meal. Same day delivery!

Learn how to cook

Fun learning process

We have thought of everything, not to scare you away from this fun activity. We will tell you all the details of the cooking process in a simple and fun way!

Get ready for a whole new level
of learning to cook!

Very soon we will launch and you will
be able to see it yourself.

We’re almost here!

We are taking care of the last steps for the project launch and soon we will have our first beta release. If you don’t want to miss our release you can sign up for the project newsletter.